Tips on Bloons Tower Defense and Bloon Series

Bloons Tower DefenseBloons Tower Defense is one of the most challenging games in the gamer’s world today. As interesting as these games can be, gamers find it sometimes frustrating especially on using the expert map and the added extreme maps in the game. Here in this article, I will explain tips to get the best out of Bloons Tower Defense. These tips may or may not work for you depending on your reaction while playing the game. Since you are responsible on when and where to put road spikes in case some bloons from your opponent slipped through your defense. Below are the quick and easy tips to get through the rounds in Bloons series.

The quick and easy tips to get the best of BTD series can be found at here and also we are listing but a few on this page which are:

Rank Up and Unlock

In most Bloons Tower defense games, you will need to unlock stuff as you move through the stages. This game uses a rank system here you will gain experience as you destroy enemy bloons and complete missions. This helps you to unlock more tower, missions, upgrades modes, and much more.

Permanent Upgrades

Unlike most defense games, BTD allows players to spend tokens or cash to purchase permanent upgrades for their gameplay. Ensure you buy this upgrades to outdo your competitors. Use tokens in the Monkey Lab to buy permanent upgrades that will apply to all towers. Spend this cash on specialty buildings that provide permanent boost to their towers once activated. Ensure this be your first priority in when playing this game.

Interim Save

This tip is very useful especially in the later part of track or mission, or. With interim save, you don’t need to care about your device going off, it saves automatically, and you can resume anytime. Just exit the game by closing it the same way you would close an application on your mobile device. However, it is important to note that it is only a temporary save and it gets deleted and replaced when you starts a new game or mission.

Get the Monkey Village

Monkey Village is a support tower in BTD that provides a lot of bonuses such as camo detection, increased attack, speed, range and popping power, to all towers within its range. Apart from that, it also reduces the cost of other towers within its range as well as their upgrades. Getting this monkey village automatically make you a master over your rival

Get some extra income

Banana Farms are the most effective and cheapest way of earning extra cash apart from popping bloons, and the extra income is given to you at the end of each round. Banana Farms help generates bundles of bananas that you must tap in order to get it; if not, the banana will spoil and disappear. BTD has other income-generating upgrades, like Monkey Village’s 3-0 upgrade which helps to double the income generated from bloons. More income means more bloon towers, more upgrades, and definitely sure win!

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